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Ia o greutate de pe umerii copiilor de la Spitalul "Sf. Maria" din Iași

Iași, România


Buget necesar



Perioada campaniei

1x Ureteroscop
1x Dispozitiv de monitorizare a tensiunii arteriale și a rigidității (nefrologie)

Echipament necesar

Ia o greutate de pe umerii copiilor de la Spitalul "Sf. Maria" din Iași

We did it!

Am strâns banii și am donat cele două dispozitive medicale către Sf. Spitalul de copii Maria din Iasi! Împreună, am încheiat campania!



Povestea din spate

There is only one pediatric hospital in the Moldova region treating up to 1 million children and it needs our support. Donate now for necessary equipment for prevention and minimal invasive treatment for the children suffering from kidney diseases.

Dear friends, the "Take a weight off the shoulders of the children at Sf. Maria Hospital in Iasi" campaign is the second Help Others Help campaign. Thanks to you, our one-year old NGO, managed to raise €8,950. And all this without many followers (not yet!) or a marketing budget. We're beyond grateful.
What we set out to do in this campaign:
- Our starting target was €12,675. This was the initial price negotiated for the purchase of the two medical devices needed by the nephrology and urology wards:
- 1 Ureteroscope - € 8,330
- 1 Arterial tension and stiffness monitoring device (nephrology) - € 4,345

Cum am reușit

Our community is small, but strong. Today we present it to you in numbers and statistics, but behind every number is a person - donor, volunteer, doctor or patient. By joining forces, we have made it possible for the little patients at the "Sf. Maria" Hospital in Iasi to have access to quality treatment.
Thank you to all of you and to each one of you.
Now we know for sure that together we can.

What we managed to do together in the last 2 months and 3 weeks of the campaign:
- We raised € 8,950 from 26 April to 11 July while we have actively engaged with our community throughout the campaign. With part of the amount we purchased the first device.
- We brought with us extraordinary people who helped us offer you amazing piece of art as appreciation for donations. We bow with gratitude before George Roșu, Adrian Serghie illustration, Paul Virlan, Alex Dima, Luigi Mantu (Luu), Lua Lazarovic, Alina Axane.
- We had a truly dedicated team of volunteers who helped us deliver our 2nd HoH campaign flawlessly Ioana Smaranda Becker, Raluca Lupasteanu, Marta Chiruta, Marina Topcian, Mara Puacz, Arina Anisie, Iulia Puscaru, Laura Bulău, Gabriela Macovei, Adina Stefan (Adina Ciudin), Simona Crăciun, Marinela Negru, Aura Felicia Colotin, Andreea Pintea, Cristina Prelipcean.
- We collaborated with doctors who believed in us and supported us with their testimonials: dr. Iulia Ciongradi, dr. Starcea Magdalena (Iuliana Magdalena Stârcea), dr. Christian Dusa (Cristian Dușa), dr. Anca Adam (Anca Adam Răileanu), dr. Grzegorz Fojecki.

Succes și după

What's going to happen next:
- We will donate the ureteroscope worth € 7,913.5 (final cost after 2nd round of negotiations) in the second half of July and keep you up to date with the entire procurement process, donation and maintenance, so you can see the direct result of your donation.
- The remaining € 1,036 will be held in the Help Others Help bank account against the second device: the blood pressure and stiffness monitoring device worth € 4,345.
We communicated intensively during the 11 weeks of the campaign and we thank you for being with us to celebrate the achievement of the first goal. We will now give ourselves until the end of the year to raise the amount needed for the second device.
- our dedication, of all of us, will be the same as before;
- the account where you can make donations is: DE 41 8306 5408 0004 2378 20, Help others help e.V. You can also donate through the Donate/Donate button on our Facebook page.
- details about the current HoH cause can be found here: Facebook link
- we're here for any questions
You're wonderful! Thank you for believing in us and deciding to do better for Romania by taking a burdensome weight off the shoulders of the little patients at St. Maria Hospital in Iasi.

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