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Video-laringoscop pentru spitalul CF

Iași, România


Buget necesar



Perioada campaniei

1x Video-laringoscop

Echipament necesar

Video-laringoscop pentru spitalul CF

We did it!

În decembrie 2020, am donat un video-laringoscop necesar unui spital de primă linie COVID-19 din Iași.



Povestea din spate

A video-laryngoscope can play a life-saving role for 1 out of 5 patients that need to be intubated.

Cum am reușit

Videolaryngoscopy is not only life-saving for patients, but also for doctors, especially during COVID-19 pandemic. By using the videolaryngoscope, doctors can safely intubate their patients reducing the risk of infecting themselves with the virus. Donate for a videolaryngoscope for CFR hospital in Iasi (Romania), so that doctors can safely intubate their patients.

The COVID-19 situation in Iasi, Romania is worsening with the designated hospital beds almost reaching their maximum capacity. In these critical times our project receives support and encouragement from the medical community in Iasi. Anamaria Gioadă knows the benefits of a videolaryngoscope first hand and supports our project.

Yet another doctor from Iasi joins our ranks and fully supports our campaign. Ana-Maria Croitoru works at the ICU of the Regional Institute for Oncology and emphasizes the life-saving role a videolaryngoscope can play in intubating a patient.

Andrei Șălaru, doctor from Regional Institute for Oncology in Iași, explains why there is an increased need for medical equipment in hospitals and how can a videolaryngoscope provide help in treating the patients.
Another doctor from Iasi joins our efforts and fully supports our campaign. Eduard Alexandru works at the ICU of the Regional Institute for Oncology and explains us the essential role of video-laryngoscopy for difficult intubations.

The video-laryngoscope may be just a small step, but creates a more safe environment for doctors and patients to practice medicine.

Dr. Stefan Frunza from the emergency hospital in Cluj-Napoca underlines the importance of a videolaryngoscope, especially in treating COVID-19 patients. Evermore doctors support our initiative to provide the CFR hospital from Iasi with a much needed videolaryngoscope. Every small donation counts!
Dr. Andrei Chicos, surgeon at the univ. CF hospital in Iasi joins our campaign in supporting his colleagues from the ICU and encourages us to donate for a videolaryngoscope for the CF hospital.

Succes și după

The first Help others Help campaign would not have been possible without the continuous help of the medical community from Romania and abroad. We thank the doctors and nurses, who actively supported us through the campaign and who understand better than anyone else how necessary such projects are for the Romanian medical system. We would like to share some of the lessons we learned in this campaign that were essential to our success and for which we are deeply grateful:

🧑‍⚕️👍 The numerous positive reactions of the doctors and their active support in sharing our campaign confirmed there is a great need for medical equipment for the Romanian hospitals.

🧑‍⚕️🩺The 8 doctors we collaborated with have been willing to give us valuable support, such as explaining also in non-medical terms to donors the importance of the video laryngoscope.

🧑‍⚕️🏥 The professional collaboration and involvement of the medical team of the ICU section of the CF hospital in Iasi have been essential to the success of our first project.

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